Help me find an old Ironkids Bread commercial
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Does anybody remember the Ironkids bread commercial where a bunch of kids go around rapping about the awesomeness of Ironkids bread? It was from the early 90s, since the kids are wearing parachute pants and eye-blisteringly colorful clothing. I am dying trying to find the video online.

Some of the lyrics went like this:

"Kids are dancin'
and ___thin'
(something something)
to a taste that's jumpin'
Feeling good/feeling right
Ironkids bread!/Lovin' every bite!"

Does anybody know of any TV ad archive out there? My brother and I used to sing along to it whenever we saw the commercial. I think we'd get a kick out of seeing it now. Thanks!
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There are fee for service media archives used by advertising agencies, etc. One I have heard of is Ebiquity . In the UsA you can contact them here
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Weren't parachute pants and eye-blisteringly colorful clothing popular in the early to mid 80's, not the early 90's?
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The OP probably means Hammer pants, not parachute pants.
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I absolutely remember it, because I remember getting really agitated at the song/rap earworm. This commercial for IronKids Bread is online, as is this one, but neither are the rap commercial. Another one.

There's definitely a bunch of 1990s commercial break compilations on youtube; while plenty of them are labeled and turn up in a search, there are some that aren't--but it'd be hard to sift through all those to find that one commercial. Though it's kind of cool to go back and look and some of the commercials we used to watch. I would guess that the IronKids rap commercial was aired during Kids WB (Batman, Animaniacs, etc), or Fox Kids (Tiny Toon adventures, X-men, etc), since I saw the commercial frequently (so it was during weekday cartoons), and we didn't have cable (though it may have aired on Nick as well). Good luck!
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