Need help dealing with recent promotion
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I'm awful at delegating, and need some help - looking for suggestions of books, training classes, mentors in the Boston area, or anything that might help.

Recently got promoted to a director role (yay!) with two managers and about 8 staff reporting into me. This is up from 4 staff previously. No change in work, except more (much more) of it. I'm still transitioning, figuring out what to let go of, what to keep, and how to keep track of the stuff that I let go of. I'm really good at the "you do this" part of delegating, but having a devil of a time keeping up on all of it, making sure I'm not overwhelming those to whom I delegate, etc. I've been browsing through all of the management / time management books at Amazon, but didn't see anything super useful. Any help on the delegation specifically, or other "just got promoted and am drowning" general stuff, would be very much appreciated.
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You may find this article from The Brooks Review useful:

Getting My Central Hub In Order
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I saved this previous thread as a favorite on the topic of management advice. It's not entirely related to delegation, but it's definitely covered in there.
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Buy and read "the one minute manager meets the monkey"
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Response by poster: backwards guitar, do you perchance have a recommendation for a Windows version of Omnifocus? I like the idea of having a separate "Todo" and "To follow up on" list, but haven't seen such a function in any of the Windows tools I've played with.

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Sorry, I don't use Windows or Omnifocus, so I'm not too sure. I just remembered reading the article, and thought it seemed appropriate. Google pops up a lot of results for "Omnifocus alternative for windows". There might even be a good web replacement out there?

Not sure if it's an option, but apparently Omnifocus for Ipad is great too.

Could you just have two lists in whatever Todo software - one for Todo and one for To Follow Up On?
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Way to go! Lifehacker had a useful article on delegating.
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