Bachelor party in Savannah, GA
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I'm planning a bachelor party in Savannah, GA for eight guys between 25 and 30. Being from the state, I'm familiar with Savannah and the night life. I'm more interested in what to do during the day. The stag is an outdoorsy forester who might like some outdoor stuff and also a huge reader. Any suggestions about nightlife, hotels, and other attractions would also be appreciated.
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What's the date for the party? That could matter, Savannah loves festivals.

General outdoorstuff:
Savannah Wildlife Refuge
Oatland Island
Fort Pulaski
Walking Skidaway Island trails
Boating, fishing, dolphin tour
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I would kayak in the marshes and eat a lot of fried seafood during the day.
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Not familiar with the area but, eight guys? outdoorsy? Paintball!
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Go here:

Browse the archives for ocean kayaking, fort tours, great food, etc.
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