Is there a sticky note app that will source and display a txt file?
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Is there a no-frills sticky note app that will simply display a txt file? Preferably for both mac and PC?

Is there a program like Stickies (for the mac) that will display a simple text file on the sticky note?

My Goal:
I want a single todo.txt file in my dropbox to open through a simple sticky note app on both my windows PC and my mac laptop at startup.

I love "stickies" for the mac. No menus on the sticky note, no frills, streamlined, and the ability to customize font and color. Done. But I'd really like the content of the note itself to be driven by a text file that I can keep in my Dropbox, and then find a similar app for my PC to do the same thing. Seems like it should be simple enough, yet I haven't found a solution.

If worse comes to worse, on the windows side I can make a batch file that will just open up the file in notepad when I start my computer, but in a perfect world it would be displayed through something like Hottnotes or some other simple sticky app because I think notepad is ugly and don't want to have to stare at it all day.

I suppose I might be able to do something similar on the mac...

But since I'm dreaming here...I thought I'd ask you all.

I've looked into Todo.txt but it uses a CLI to add notes (WTF?) and doesn't display anything. Its essentially just a shortcut for having to open a txt editor...whereas what I want is to find a sticky note app that acts as a GUI for a txt file.

Any suggestions?
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I like the free download of xpad to keep notes, add to them and keep them in separate, always visible named files. I keep xpad in my dock.
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Wunderlist is a free cross platform task list manager that can be synchronized on Macs and PCs.

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