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I've met with my doctor about ED, I've seen him semi-annually for years, I have a prescription on auto refill--I just can't afford to pay for the refills from CVS or Walgreen's. Is there a source to get generic Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) online for a lower price from a reputable company?

I know there are risks involved. I know it may be a grey market issue, but I simply can't afford getting refills from the normal channels. Does anyone have a trusted source for generic Viagra online, preferably with personal experience with them? Private answers may be sent to me at no.ed.metafilter@gmail.com

My girlfriend and I both thank you.
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Have you considered traveling to Canada to refill your prescription?
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Is there a Planned Parenthood location near you? According to the "Men's Sexual Health" section of their website, they appear to offer services dealing with ED. Worth contacting them to see if they can fill your prescription.
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There is no generic Viagra in the US.
Wal-Mart offers Levitra 20mg for $9/pill, max 10 pills/month.
Levitra and Cialis often offer online coupons for "free" samples with a new prescription.
Talk to your doctor about the differences between Viagra and Levitra, and about your concerns about cost. He may have recommendations or experiences with certified online pharmacies, writing higher-strength prescriptions, and safe pill cutting.

FYI: cost of the different strengths of these meds are often nominal, if not exactly the same. A 100mg pill of Viagra costs the same as a 50mg pill. If 50mg Viagra works for you, you could conceivably get a prescription for 100mg pills, cut the pills in half, and cut your costs in half. If 25mg works for you, etc., etc.

Talk to your physician. I am not recommending that you switch medications, cut pills in half, futz with dosages, order from non-certified US pharmacies, or search for "generic" Viagra.
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Viagra's still under patent, so no generics yet. However, you can expect them to hit the market as soon as the Viagra patent expires on March 27, 2012.
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My doc wrote me a 100mg prescription so I could get a pill splitter and get 2 50mg doses. I just uses a cheap pill splitter bought at the same Walgreens that I got the medicine. It isn't the best consistency for cutting and if you're not careful you're 50/50 split might be 55/44 or 60/40 though.

But now that I live close to Mexico, I get generic (sold as Maxifort) down there for about ~$3.5/pill in a 10 tablet bottle (pharmacies really close to the border are more). Same effect, lower cost. The last I checked the legit online pharmacies in Mexico won't ship to the US.
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The canadian pharmacy where we buy my fiancee's breathing medication is listing 32, 100Mg generic pills (they sell the indian imports, I forget the name but their cleanliness and purity standards are actually above US standards) is $199. IDK your prescription size, but if it's 50mg, that's 64 pills for $200 which seems ok to me.

I won't link to them, but I found them based on a recommendation from the green, and through interesting use of capitalization you should be able to figure it out:

Canada Pharmacy is a dot com who sells generic medications to people in the us.
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A lot of big chain pharmacies have a prescription savings program with a cheap enrollment fee (Walgreens' is $20) and discounted prescriptions. I'd check into that.
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