Is there an app that can tell me where to go next?
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Is there an app that has google maps integration that can do this?

I'm looking for a mobile app that can tell me, using GPS (or google maps integration) that can follow a preset itinerary. So say on a particular afternoon I want to go to a Target store and then a coffee shop and then the movie theater. I want an app that can automatically update (using my location) to the next location and give me directions (with map view and/or a list of steps). Once I check in at all locations it says something like "Done! Do you have some more locations to hit?"

I have this itch-like feeling that there is already a whole bunch of apps out there that can do this. Like a To Do list but just limited to locations.
Mainly so I don't have to go on google maps multiple times to figure out where the next thing is and edit or "insert" new locations in between others.

Hope this question makes sense. Thanks for reading.
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Response by poster: What I meant about editing or inserting locations is, to be more clear, the ability to insert a new location in between e.g. four others and have the app update the itinerary without the need to enter the location sequence from scratch.
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Best answer: The term you are probably looking for is multi-destination routing. There's a review of map apps on Gizmodo that covers this.
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Best answer: GPS ToDo List?
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