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I have a question that is similar to this one but with an additional twist. I've never known what hair type is best for me, and to make matters worse, I'm getting married in less than two weeks and I don't know which up-do style works best. Please help me find a great up-do AND a permanent hairstyle to boot.

I guess I should start off by saying I don't think I'm a total uggo or anything. I realize I have imperfections, but I'm OK with the for the most part. I'd like to down-play the bad parts though!

I took a few pictures to illustrate the odd shape of my head. It's fairly flat on the back, and I have a whole lot of chin, jaw, and cheek bone. Currently, my hair is slightly longer than shoulder length with long bangs and longer layers. I've had a myriad of different hairstyles over the years, ranging from short pixie cut to bobs to long-long to shags with bangs. I don't know WHAT looks good on me. To make matter worse, I have strange eyebrows and less than perfect skin.

Here is what my current hair looks like and what my face shape is. Sorry for the bad lighting/blurriness/lack of makeup and overall imperfection.

Here are some of the hairstyles/colors I've had in the past.

Again, I'm looking for suggestions for a permanent haircut and/or color AND suggestions for an up-do for my wedding. I don't plan to make a change before my wedding, so you should think of up-dos that will work with my CURRENT hairstyle. As far as the permanent 'do is concerned, I'm open to anything/everything!

Thank you so much!
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You are really pretty and I like the short hair Amsterdam look the best on you. I'd recommend heading to a well regarded local hair stylist and doing the whole thing with that person: wedding do and cut. I have lucked out using Yelp to find stylists myself.
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I'm personally a fan of up dos that still have some hair framing the face. I think that might work for you, too- but it sort of depends on what style you're going for for the wedding in general. Everything tucked up and smoothed back is more classic but more severe; having some wisps down and framing the face is softening.

I agree that having a stylist you go to regularly is really helpful; they can learn how your hair falls and will get better at cutting it over time. (I know you don't have time right now, but even going to the same person for cut+updo as bearwife suggests is a good idea).
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I can't possibly make up do suggestions without knowing what your wedding dress looks like. Got a pic or a description?
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You look a little like Julia Stiles from the side. Maybe look at photos of her with updos from award shows or whatever for fancy hair ideas.

As for a regular cut, I think your hair looks great kind of chin length like it is in your pictures of
"short hair Amsterdam" through "Ma new hair!"

(Also, I'm not seeing your "strange eyebrows", etc...)
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Response by poster: Oh, I'm sorry! My dress is this one. I'll be wearing longer gold/pearl earrings.
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I think the blonde color looks incredible on you! I'm usually a big fan of everyone going brunnette (maybe because I'm one?) but the honey tones make you look luminous and exotic. Golden hair is also more forgiving of skin imperfections. I think a messy, romantic chignon would be beautiful, just make sure the bun doesn't go too low near your neck as you need to balance out your features. Blondes also photograph better (the gold tones shine under a flash) so there's the added bonus for your wedding album.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3 with a sidebraid

Up dos with body, like a messy chignon, will overwhelm dainty pixie-ish faces, but they look amazing on women with generous, voluptuous features.
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Also, when you go to the salon ask for gold highlights, not straw colored ones. You need more shimmery highlights because your current hair color is just a little flat. This color is badass.
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Would you consider wearing it down, with some loose curls? If you do pull it up, I'd favor something more loose - on preview, I agree with Viola, and not just because she has the same favorite as I do! I like her "example 1".

Oddly, you look good with all of those different hair colors and styles - hate. you. Seriously, I went back and forth to find one I didn't like, but they all looked good. I am a little bit partial to the August 2006 blond look if I have to pick a favorite.

For post-wedding, I'd try some highlights, subtle reddish golden ones maybe, and long layers that kind of frame your face. (Congrats!!)
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"As for a regular cut, I think your hair looks great kind of chin length like it is in your pictures of
"short hair Amsterdam" through "Ma new hair!" "

I totally agree with this. Those lengths are really good for you and I also agree w/the others about the golden tones. Win win.

And while I don't think your eyebrows are weird, maybe touch them up w/an eyebrow pencil to fill the ends out some?
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I think img_1980 is adorable on you. I think the short side bangs really compliment your face. I wouldn't go as short as img_1980 - maybe more short hair Amsterdam length.
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Oh please get this haircut!

I am trying to grow my hair out so I can have this girl's exact hairstyle, but I think it would look even better on you. It's like a longer, inverted bob. And I think your golden hair color would work really well with it!

Be sure to post pictures to show us your new 'do, whatever you decide.
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I too favor a low, messy chignon. Don't pull it up high and tight -- that will accentuate your strong jaw and take away from your gorgeous shoulders, neck and heaving bosoms! Celeb warning: A thousand apologies for the subject, but her hair does look great.
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Response by poster: For those interested in seeing more pictures of my blond hair (and more bangs like elisabeth likes), I added more to the set of photos linked above. Just a note though, all of those photos are form when I was 19-22 so my face is a wee-bit rounder, I think. Thanks so far!
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Thanks for the dress pic! Gorgeous.

I'd go with something like this for the up do--low on the nape with volume and not too tightly pulled to the head (note that I DO NOT HAVE THE BIEBER FEVER).

As for a permanent style, I'm partial to the pale blonde turned up short bob, but honestly, you're lucky enough to suit a wide variety of hairstyles so have fun with it.
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I know you said an updo for the wedding, but if you change your mind, I think you'd look great with smooth waves, the kind worn by Veronica Lake or Lauren Bacall.

Also, you look a little like Julia Stiles and Carrie-Anne Moss, so you might enjoy checking out their hair choices to get a sense of how different styles might suit your face.

Whatever you choose, you're pretty and your dress is great- you're gonna look terrific!
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I think your features are a little strong for a slick updo, as others have said. If you *must* have an updo, the Taylor Swift one linked above would be gorgeous. Personally, I love the everyday wavy thing you've got going on in the most recent photos, and suggest you consider that for the wedding. You could use a rope of pearls/fake pearls as a headband if you wanted.

I really like this cut and color in this photo, but with longer, sideswept bangs.
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I don't know anything about up-dos and wedding stuff, but I think you look awesome with this pixie hair
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I love your dress! And wow, you are WAY hard on yourself! You look great. I, personally, would darken the ends of your eyebrows, as someone upthread said (I have to watch my brows, too. Mine have thinned out a bit 'cause of thyroid stuff).

Favorite hairstyle: yep, Amsterdam.

Updo: I was going to suggest a chignon with some loose tendrils to frame your face, and looks like others beat me to that, too.

So, there's a consensus. Yay!
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I think the pixie cuts are much more chic than the Amsterdam cut which to my eyes is rather dated, but I'm a short hair girl myself. I do like the various blondes as a color choice.
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Whoops I got Amsterdam confused with a different cut so ignore the dated comment. anyway I definitely stand my ground on the pixie cut. Amsterdam is a really generic cut, if you want to blend in to the masses of people with nice but not noteworthy hair go for it. But you have the cheekbones to pull off more dramatic short cuts, if you want to go that way.
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(This isn't totally germane, but I hope it doesn't get deleted: Stop being so hard on yourself and your "imperfections"! You're gorgeous, you're happy and in love, and you are going to rock the hell outta that dress, no matter which hairstyle you choose!)
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I'm late to the game here but I have a specific stylist recommendation: jenny at plume in fishtown (next to Johnny Brenda's) is an amazing stylist- she's also very assertive about what will work for your kind of hair and with your face shape. My whole life I've had mediocre hairstyles because I would go to salons and ask for styles that I couldn't pull off, but working with Jenny has made me much more aware of what will work on me an what to avoid. She's a great colorist too. Best of all, they are pretty cheap and sometimes they'll give you a beer to sip on while you're getting your haircut!
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Response by poster: Hey, if anyone ever stops back here, I dyed my hair blond! Decided to keep it the same length and added a very gradual bang. Enjoy:
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