Sorry for the grossness
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I was sick last night and I have a gross question about my vomit.

I threw up four times consecutively. It was expelled through my mouth and nose. Should I be concerned that it came through my nose? I'm not sure if that's an indicator of something dangerous.

Also, though I'm feeling better now (8 hours later), the smell of the vomit is lingering in my nostrils. How can I get that out? Continuing to smell that is prolonging my feeling of sickness. I've removed as much as I can manually but it still reeks.
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Perhaps a neti pot will cleanse out the remaining smell from your nose? Though to be honest, it might also just be in your head, as your olfactory nerves easily "tire", and you shouldn't still be smelling the puke in your nose.
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Vomit through the nose is perfectly normal. You're in no danger.

Just keep blowing your nose; the vomit should have irritated your nasal passages sufficiently to make that easy enough. The smell will pass.
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It's completely normal that some came out through your nose - your nose and mouth are linked directly.
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I've vomited out my nose, usually when I had the sort of bug that made me projectile vomit as opposed to heave vomit, and it just makes sense that it's going to make it's way out however when it's under pressure.

nthing a neti pot or just trying to rinse out your nose by snorting up water and then blowing it out.
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Should I be concerned that it came through my nose? I'm not sure if that's an indicator of something dangerous.

IANAD, etc. That is normal for a really powerful vomiting session. I've had food poisoning, the flu several times, and some really drunk nights, and it's happened.

the smell of the vomit is lingering in my nostrils. How can I get that out?

Saline nasal spray, maybe even a saline was should wash the rest of it out. It should clear out within a day or so.
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Did that really badly once, wish I did the netipot since my sense of taste/smell were affected for weeks/monthly.

Coffee in particular took a long time to get back to normal tasting.
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"Should I be concerned that it came through my nose?"


Also: welcome to the disgusting world of normal. The smell should go away within a day.
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I puked through my nose once during a serious projectile vomiting session. I suffered no lasting damage (well, except that the puke landed on my sneakers (among many, many other things) and they were never the same again).

Neti pots are great, and if you have one you should definitely use it to clear things out. If you don't have one however, try inducing a sneeze. Stick something (q-tips work great) into your nostril and tickle things enough that you sneeze. And do it a lot. You might, uh, dislodge some stuff. I'm really prone to getting food sucked up into my nasal passages when I'm eating fast (fun, huh?!), and this method has rescued many a lost grain of rice or cornflake.

You can also cup some water in your hands and (very gingerly) snort some up into and out of your nose.
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Heh. Just had this over the weekend. Not super pleasant. I solved it with a combination of neti pot (though since I don't have an actual neti pot I just poured water in one nostril and out the other with a measuring cup that has a fine spout on it), nose blowing, and (even less pleasant) loogie hocking.
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If I'd known about neti pots then, I'd have avoided the Great Sea Crossing-induced Fortnight-delayed Golden Shred Sinus Incident of July 1993.
(it put me off marmalade for years ...)
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Yeah, if this is the first time you've ever puked through the nose, consider yourself lucky. Not the least bit uncommon, though certainly unpleasant. I can't specifically comment on the efficacy of a neti pot for getting the stinky-burnies out of your nasal passages, but it certainly sounds like a step in the right direction.
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Yep, keep blowing your nose. If the neti pot isn't your cup of tea, take showers or steam your face to facilitate nose-blowing.

Don't sniffle, because the one thing worse than nose-puking is having little puke chunks stuck in your sinuses.
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If you don't have a neti pot, check the kitchen drawers. This old friend from Thanksgiving time is ideal for introducing water (salt it first) into your poor nostrils.
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I always throw up that way. I like to think of it as a secret talent or perhaps "stupid human trick".

I always make sure to flush out my nostrils with water after this happens. You could go for the full neti pot experience, but honestly I just wet my fingers under the sink and insert as if to pick. Blowing your nose frequently is also a good thing.
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Nthing that boot through the nose is OK. I get migraines, so I throw up a lot, and it comes through my nostrils very frequently.
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Try snorting with your mouth open.
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That is the worst. You'll be fine as others have said. On the rare occasions when I vomit these days, and when I have the presents of mind, I hold my nose whilst having the liquid laugh, to prevent this very thing.
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Totally normal and I've solved the problem of it happening in the first place by always, always plugging my nose when I vomit (and yes, I vomit a lot. I have a very weak stomach, it appears). I pinch my nostrils closed. It sort of makes it harder to throw up but you get used to it.
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Try using a neti pot. Same thing happened to me last week when I had a migraine and threw up. Btw who knew the worse thing ever to throw up is salad. Very unpleasant. Very glad I used my neti pot. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'm glad what was in my sinuses didn't stay there.
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Dissolve some strong mint-smelling concoction in hot water and inhale the fumes. That should clean your pipes out.
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