Anyone know a good locksmith in/near New Providence, NJ?
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Does anyone know a good, trustworthy locksmith in or near New Providence, NJ?

I'm going to be moving into a new apartment soon. One of the things I have to do first is change/fix some of the door locks. Finding an honest locksmith is kind of hard. Anyone have any recommendations?
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You can trivially do this yourself.

Changing a door lock is literally as easy as unscrewing it, then screwing back in the one you buy from the hardware store. The whole process takes about two minutes, and requires no tool but a screwdriver.

If you need multiple locks with one key, you can actually order multiple identically keyed locks. My last hardware store even had packages of four deadbolts, all keyed together. I seem to recall that several of the manufacturers also print the key's code on the packaging, so you can sift through the locks on sale and find one with identical codes (and therefore keys).
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Response by poster: @Netzapper: Short form - Yes, I've changed deadbolts before. But, I'm long on work and short on time, so I need to hire a pro.
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