Peeps! Peeps?
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Have any Mefi peeps ever entered the Washington Post Peeps Show? I'm looking for advice!

I want to enter this year’s Peeps Show and I’m wondering about the best paint to use on Peeps. I want them (I’m using the bunny ones, they’re more anthropomorphic) to look like they're wearing black t-shirts. Spray paint? Acrylics? I don't have access to an airbrush, and I'm not sure I have time to learn how to use one. The entire project needs to be done by Monday. Oh, and I want to have a big crowd of them, maybe 50 or more.

Glue and felt is also an option, but since these have to look good in 3D, I'm not sure how to make something that wraps around but doesn't look like a tube.

I'm also looking for any general tricks or hints. I know about getting them stale and using spray lacquer from this year's chat. I’ve got some Peeps stale-ing now, but need to buy some more…
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I love seeing the results and winners from the contest, but I have never entered.

I have, however, made my own peeps before. There is a product that is colored-sugar-spray-paint. Google gave me hits here for the spray, which looks right (though it seems the product is just color, not colored sugar spray, which I distinctly recall using).. Brand names seem to be "PME Lustre Spray" and "Color Mist". I know the Mrs bought it at a brick/mortar store, but darned if I know where.

However, since you aren't going to eat the peeps, you might as well try out various things like spray paint, paint brushes, etc it can't hurt (other than the time to test).
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I've found Color Mist at craft stores that sell cake decorating supplies (around here, Joann and Michaels). Based on my experience with it, though, you're going to need a few coats of it for a true black.
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JoanArkham, I entered the Peeps Show two years ago and spent ages of time on my fantastic diorama. The finalists were graphic designers or other creative types, which seems unfair to me.

So, with that caveat, here's what I would recommend. Cheap black nail polish might do the trick, though getting it in quantities might be a problem. It's hard to say with paint brands because you don't know how they'll react with the marshmallow. I'll put my thinking cap on.
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I wonder if black tissue paper would work? It might be too flimsy, or require too much glue to get a close fit, but it seems like you'd have less of a tube issue working with tissue paper than felt.
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Ah, the Peeps Show!

I would say acrylic paint is your best option. Unless you are skilled spray paint or air brush is a quick way to make a mess of things, not to mention considerably more expensive. Cheap acrylic is fine, dries quickly and opaquely. You can also buy liquid mediums for different effects, matte, gloss, extended drying time/viscosity...for t-shirts matte would be good.

I understand spray stuff is tempting when you're doing quantity, but hand painting will look a lot better. Do you have anyone to help you with this?

Seconding tissue paper as a way to get around the painting. Use a glue stick or tape, not much though. If you come up with a pattern it would be easy to cut out many of them and quickly attach them to the peeps or scenery.

Icing and model magic also create some nice effects.

Humor and small, quirky details go a long way. Also, quality over quantity is almost always better.
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I did it! Lessons learned: spray the Peeps with with several coats of acrylic first, and let them dry for a full 24 hours...gets them nice and hard. I used artist's acrylic (in a tube) with some cheap brushes and had no trouble with it. I thought the tough part would be the squishyness/porousness of the Peeps, but the difficult thing was dealing with how irregular they two are exactly the same and several had globs of extra marshmallow or extra sugar clumps.

Here's the results! I'm really happy with how it turned out, but next year I'm going to give myself way more time. In fact, I think I'll save this year's leftovers for next year...they seem to keep forever.
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Love your diorama, especially the stage diver! Let us know if you get selected.
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Well, I never heard back so I guess I'm not a finalist. Had fun though!
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