How can I search a text for internal repetitions?
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How can I search a text for internal repetitions?

I just caught an embarrassing paragraph that appears both in the introduction and in the fourth chapter of my manuscript. How can I be sure this hasn't happened elsewhere?

My editing process sometimes involves moving whole paragraphs from one place to another. Apparently, I have accidentally done this in a way that leaves the section where it was previously. Since the manuscript is too long to read in one sitting, and I've read the document so many times, I won't necessarily recognize that it's actually the same couple of sentences in two different places. It all looks repetitive to me at this point.

In my teaching, I use a service called Turnitin which finds external repetitions (i.e. plaigirism). Is there anything like that for internal repetitions? A paragraph is an awfully long "statistically improbably phrase."
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This word processor, which is actually designed for novels, is structured to help created and edit large bodies of text to avoid exactly the kind of problem you identify. I don't know what you're writing, but it might lend itself well to your situation.
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for work i use EditPadPro which has a 'Count' function to see how many times text appears, and of course the usual 'Find first' and 'Next' functions.
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Response by poster: Hrm... Not sure if this is clear, but I don't know which sentences might be repeated. So "find" and related techniques don't help much, unless I run it on every sentence.
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Best answer: I've used a probgramme called TextAnz for this. Not to check my own writing, mind, but to check for text repetitions in corpuses of historical documents. It may be overkill for what you need, but it does the job.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks!
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