A Question About Keratosis Pilaris
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My understanding is that keratosis pilaris essentially is keratin plugs of my hair follicles. Were I to treat my keratosis pilaris with one of the various suggested treatments, would hair grow from the unplugged follicles?
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I can't think of why the hair wouldn't grow from the follicles if you unplugged them. There are frequently ingrown hairs in the bumps to begin with.
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FYI, most treatments are pretty temporary and provide mostly just a cosmetic improvement. I only bothered to treat mine right before my wedding so my upper arm would look nicer in photos. If extra hair grew in as a result I didn't notice it. The "home" remedies (using lotions with milk proteins and gently exfoliating is the only one I can think of right now) mostly just reduce the redness and help with exfoliation, they don't do much about the underlying issue.
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The hairs that get trapped (if you get one open, you'll often find a hair coiled up around the keratin plug) are typically of the peach-fuzz variety.
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What I've read of KP treatments is that they essentially moisturize the skin so as to reduce the bumpy feeling KP causes. None "unplug" the follicles, so far as I know. But theoretically, yes, a hair would grow from an unplugged follicle.
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My KP bumps usually have hairs in them if I bother picking at them. (I really shouldn't.) Like bookdragoness says, they're usually small & fine-textured.
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