Club events, music, in Norway in April 2011
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Norway Music - April 2011

I will be traveling in Norway between March 31 and April 17. I will be spending the night in Bergen on April 1, 13 and 14, and in Oslo on April 15, 16 - otherwise I am on a boat.

I am looking for live music, or other events of interest, that would occur on the above dates. Where could I find out more about what's playing in these two cities on those dates? My Googlefu (English) fails me. Behage hjelpe meg, Metafilter!
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Best answer: Ok here you go for Oslo.

Best all around event coordinator - (search for music in calender, everything listed) - navigation is a bit shit though. (daily paper kultur rag) - calender and upcoming event articles (ticketmaster for norwegians) - search by city music etc... Almost all venues list tickets through here (three of the best indepedent venues in Oslo, always worth a look) --- everyone that is anyone plays there. (college type rag, with fingers on the music scene)

Theres a few more people will add for sure, but thats a good start.
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ps - I think you need to work on your norwegian when asking for help :P
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Best answer: The best calendar for Oslo is probably that of - a user submitted website where representatives of venues large and small post events to a publically accessible calendar.
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Response by poster: thank you for your suggestions !!! they are most helpful.
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