Let's Light this Candle (Screensaver)
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Looking for a realistic-looking candle screensaver to accompany yoga/meditative practice.

While meditating or practicing yoga, I use my PC to play sound files. I'd like to find a simple screensaver of a lit candle flickering, or other peaceful image - not to look directly at, but just to help set the mood a little. (Of course I could use an *actual* candle - the issue is more that my regular screensaver, which has a whole lot of vectors bouncing around, is too computery and distracting.) (Which may mean that I need to work on filtering out distractions, yes, but whatever.)
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Google image search for "flickering candle gif". Find one you like, and download it. Now set it as your screen saver. If you need help figuring out how to set it up, let me know what OS you have.
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light a candle and turn your monitor off?
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The procedural screen-saver Zen Light might be a good choice. I have and still use the ancient progenitor version from the '90s, Snoqualmie. The effect is quite hypnotic and soothing, to the extent that I have to warn people not to stare directly at the screen saver.
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Thank you for the suggestions! Can't believe I didn't think of just turning off the monitor. Will definitely check out Zen Light too.
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