Help me find a florist in Santa Fe
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My mom will be in Santa Fe for her 70th birthday, and I'd like to send her some flowers. Please give me your recommendations!

I'm thinking of spending around $75. Most everything I can find is a Teleflora place with generic bath salts-in-a-coffee-mug type arrangements. Looking for something fresh, pretty, and not totally generic.

Thank you!
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foxy_hedgehog: "Most everything I can find is a Teleflora place with generic bath salts-in-a-coffee-mug type arrangements. "

You can go directly to FTD (or Teleflora!). I've had better luck than in picking random local florists off the internet, to be honest - the delivery tends to very closely match the photo. All of the flowers in that selection are sold by size, so for $75 you will be able to choose from a wide selection of medium or large bouquets.
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Try Cutting Edge Flowers -- she does more custom-design work, but with plenty of options that are in your price range.
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It's so hard to find good florists in other cities because, as you noticed, there are so many generic websites/order collectors/wire services trying to get your business. I'm a flower snob, having been in the business for years, and I refuse to give my money to those types of establishments. Here's what I do to find florists in other cities: Search the internet for "Best of" lists from local publications/websites. It takes some digging but you can usually find the really good local florists that way.

A brief search for Santa Fe turns up a few options. I'd be comfortable calling Amanda's Flowers, for example, and giving them my credit card number, budget, whatever specific directions I had (colors, size, specific flowers, etc.) and letting them do their thing. That's what you really want in a florist (or I do, anyway) -- someone who will listen to what you want and use their creativity and expertise to make an arrangement specific to the occasion. It's a sad fact that most florists have to crank out the same FTD/Teleflora/etc. arrangements over and over to stay in business, but those aren't the ones I want to trust to take care of my order. Every city has a few florists that do their own thing and are successful at it, and those are the ones I want to do business with.

A more thorough search of Santa Fe, for Best Of lists from other publications and previous years will probably turn up even more options. Good luck!
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I'm going to give a big thumbs up to Artichokes & Pomegranates.

The arrangements are unique and gorgeous, but with a Santa Fe vibe.

Most recently, I called from Atlanta and asked for a "New Mexico-looking" arrangement to be delivered to my partner's Santa Fe hotel for his birthday; the flowers were beautiful and far exceeded my expectations!

(This florist was first suggested to me by the concierge at the Hotel Santa Fe.)
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I came to suggest Artichokes & Pomegranates, so I'll just second it. They will make something that will absolutely blow you away. There's a reason that all the concierges in town recommend the shop.
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Here's the Santa Fe Reporter's results of their reader poll for "best of" things. Artichokes & Pomegranates seems to be number one, and there is a little blurb about it as well. Places #2 and #3 are listed as well.
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