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Waxing the upper lip leading to greenish skin?

I've had my upper lip waxed off for the past ten years, as has my sister, who has a similar complexion and hairs. She's been actually doing it for a longer time (at least five years more), and I'm noticing a greenishness to her upper lip area, like under the skin. She says it's coming from waxing and threading and using a microtrimmer, so she plans on just bleaching the hair that comes back (which will still look furry in the light and embarrassing).

She can obviously do whatever she wants, but I don't want to have bleaching that hair become my new method.

I can't afford electrolysis or any permanent removal schemes, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can use to fight off the greenishness. This hasn't happened anywhere else I wax or thread.

I'm Pakistani, with a golden complected fair skin. My aunt told me to use lemon on it to make sure it doesn't happen to me (not sure how that would help since I don't know what the greenish stuff is).

Anyone know what it is and how to deal with it? I'll stop waxing and threading if it's just hair pulling trauma, but I would still need to use a microtrimmer or something to get the hair off. I don't want to go with bleaching it.
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Nair dissolves hair. Don't know if it's available where you are located.
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Does she take birth control pills? That can lead to discoloration of the upper lip called Melasma.
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Disclaimer- Never used wax, but love threading. Have been doing for more than ten years.

If you think it's trauma, quit waxing and just see if the colouration changes in a few weeks or so.

Normally with threading, sometimes I can see the "greenish colour" in some areas and that is usually because the hair is in the pore but too small to be pulled out by any method. The best thing to do is to not try to force it out but leave it alone for a few days to grow enough to be pulled out.

I am assuming you have a good schedule of when you thread/wax. That is important because you really want to make sure that the hair is long enough to be pulled out. If you have lots of small hairs (which you will see clearly with a magnifying mirror) that will give a greenish tinge. And don't worry, you really don't have to go for electrolysis or bleaching at all. Threading is a great solution and so is using tweezers. To get an ultra-smooth effect, after the threading, use one of those Sally Hansen wax strips. I really cannot speak about using actually wax and I don't think the method is very gentle. If you use thread/ use wax strips/tweezers, you can apply ice on the area for a few min. That will really soothe the skin. (Also, I never used the oil that comes with the wax strips on the face). If you cannot use wax strips thats okay too- threading by itself should be sufficient.

Another thing I have noticed is that women who use tweezers just aimlessly pull the hair out in all directions and often complain that it hurts. If you have been threading for as long as you say, it really should not hurt any more. The tweezers should be held close to the skin and pulled out in the right direction (away from the skin in the direction that the hair is pointing) and it won't hurt if you are doing it correctly. If you aren't gentle, you can even rip the skin off or cause trauma, like you said.

Nutshell- quit using wax. Use threading/tweezers. Do it properly and gently. Use ice to soothe skin right afterwards. Let the reddness subside and wash ur face with Dove/facewash before you apply any chemicals. Oh, and I hope you are using proper light and mirrors while you do it!
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Forgot to mention- not sure about the advice about using lemons. I am assuming that applying lemon would be pretty harsh too because its very acidic.

If its small hairs (check with magnifying mirror)- let them grow and see is the colouration goes away.

If it's not, use only threading or tweezers for a while till it goes away.

Bleaching or other methods sound more harmful than useful, no matter what the colouration is due to.
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Could it be bruising? I would definitely go with the advice to minimize the trauma to the site and avoid waxing. Ouch.
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