Where does one throw a girlie tea party?
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Girlie garden/tea themed baby shower for 30 or so in San Francisco or Oakland -- suggestions beyond the tiny tea rooms?

I have honor of throwing a baby shower for my wonderful friend--and she has lots of friends, so my place (and all our friends' places) are too small. Any suggestions for interesting spaces that are big enough, fun enough and pretty enough? (I'm totally willing to cater in tea and snackins.)

- Open to San Francisco, Oakland or anywhere around there
- Weekend in April some time
- I've looked at the little house in Stern Grove and it's lovely, but will it be too big/overkill for a baby shower?
- Pretty, girlie, gardeny, but these are not prim and proper ladies, so nowhere where Burning Man-y people would feel unwelcome
- Britishy classic tea, rather than Asian zen tea, but since the kid will be of Indian and American heritage, fusion is awesome
- She's having a girl, so the girlier this is, the better
- Her wedding shower was wonderful, but with 6 co-hosts all trying to cook the food during the shower... I've promised everyone this will be stress free, so catering in tea and crumpets and finger sandwiches seems ideal
- If we need to bring in our own tea pots and cups, that'll likely be the shower favor I give everyone
- We're looking at 30ish people now, but it could grow as we get closer to the date, as she knows practically everyone
- Every tea room I looked at was tiny, although Lovejoy's caters, so I'll consider that if we stay in SF
- Bonus points for anywhere close to an awesome bar that also makes good virgin mixed drinks so we can meet up with the boys after

Thank you!
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The Samovar Tea Lounge at the Yerba Buena Gardens near the Moscone Center might have enough seating outdoors for 30 people; I'd call and see if it were possible.
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I only have a suggestion about the tea cups since I am not familiar with the area. A friend wanted to have a tea party and bought a bunch of totally mismatched cups and saucers from thrift shops. It was fun seeing all the different patterns and think it would make an inexpensive favor.
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What about the Sheraton Palace hotel on Market St? It's a big classic old fern and harp-filled garden court where they do high tea. Yummy tea snacks and a good bar down the hall.
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The Palace Hotel is great. They have a fabulous afternoon tea service and the hotel is big, historic and classy. I have friends who got married there, and they had a very romantic, feminine theme. Even better, the Pied Piper bar inside is a great place to meet the rest of your group, and they make a killer burger. Kyo-ya, the Japanese restaurant is pretty good too, and you can order from that menu as well.
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Yes, the Palace Hotel hosts HUGE teas, so a party of 30 should be no prob.
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Seconding the Sheraton Palace Hotel on Market St. Fantastic tea service, great setting.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up renting the back room of a spa/massage place (Therapeia) and having Lovejoy's cater in food and tea.

We gave away tea sets as the shower gifts, so thank you for the great suggestion.

It turned out lovely. Plus, chair massages are a better part of any tea party.
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