What to wear to a fund-raising gala with the theme of 'biker chic'?
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What to wear for a 'biker chic' fund-raiser?

The school I work for is having a fund-raising gala with the theme of 'biker chic' and my attendance is mandatory. What to wear?

Further details: I am 30-something, average size and build, female. I am not very fashionable either and have no idea how to put an outfit for something like this together. I am prepared to buy a new item if required, but would like it to be something I can wear again.
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Bicycle or motorcycle?
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Denim and black leather. A denim or leather skirt that's too short, jeans that are too tight, too many bracelets (leather or white metal), tank top, accessories should be studded or with skull or cross motifs. Footwear should have excessively high heels, or be actual heavy leather flat heeled boots. Sunglasses on your head. A bandana. Black leather vest.
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Ha! For a joke, you could wear this.
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Not really re-purposeable, but you could get your 1%er on pretty inexpensively with accessories like these on a t-shirt, or an inexpensive leather vest Just add some denim, maybe teased hair, or a bandanna or skull-cap , black boots, temporary tattoos, too much makeup, and a thick leather belt.
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The better-organized outlaw motorcycle clubs often sell support merchandise on the web these days. Here's an example of what you can get from the Sons of Silence MC. As far as biker garb goes, that's pretty much unimpeachable.

You, of course, can decide for yourself whether you want to support any of these organizations with your hard-earned cash.
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(On reflection, wearing a support shirt for a random club you don't know anything about might be a really, really, really bad idea. I now wish I hadn't posted that.)
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How about rockabilly, i.e. 1950s polka dot dress worn with a black leather motorcycle jacket?
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It's a bit hard to find, but if you can get a plain bearing of Babbitt metal (also less specifically called white metal), it'd make a great bracelet and a very exclusive joke.

But, if you're looking for a joke, ThatCanadianGirl has the right idea. Try Unattached Rider.
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T-shirt with flames, tattoo print, thorned roses, or skulls on it, black, gray, or blue jeans, black boots if you have them, fake tattoos, black leather if you have it, and black eyeliner. I second skull cap.

If you can't find a "biker chic" top you would wear again. This "sexy" henley in black would be good.

This outfit would be fine minus the pumps
. Wear black boots or even caged sandals if the weather is nice and accessorize with fake tattoos and such.
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The Son's of Anarchy show has a store, if you want to avoid supporting the hell's angels, this is, at least, a fictional outlaw gang.
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Dress up like a cyclist and act all confused...although you might get your ass kicked.
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Jeans, boots with a heel, and a tastefully low cut shirt. Or you could use a band/motorcycle/whatever shirt and cut your own V-neck into it. I've always known this to be called a titty shirt, but an image search for that turned up none of the results I was looking for, despite spending a lot of time looking through those results.
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At the same site that PareidoliaticBoy posted, there's this vest which I really like. I'd find a way to colour the roses black, but that's just me.

Top: long sleeved t-shirt in almost any colour, black preferred
Bottoms: black or blue jeans, or a short (above the knee) black or blue jean skirt
Shoes: black knee high boots, or caged sandals as previously suggested

add a bandana as a neckerchief or around a wrist
heavy silver hoop earrings
heavy silver rings
wide leather (or fake) bracelet/cuff with metal bits
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