Fix my Denon CD player?
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We have a Denon UD-30 minisystem with CD player and radio. The CD tray will no longer open. Help?

Although the radio and aux can happily play music, when we press the Tray Open button, the screen displays "OPEN" and then does nothing. We've tried letting it sit for hours and hours, but nothing changes, nor is the problem solved by unplugging the unit (or leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds). I can't find reference to a computer 'reset', but I can't hear any irregular sounds, either (it doesn't seem like a rudimentary mechanical problem).

This was an intermittent problem, but two days ago it stopped opening again and still has yet to go back to normal. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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It could be a relay inside is no longer working, especially if you do not hear the motor attempt to start ejecting the tray. Here is a repair faq for CD drives and players which might help.
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if, when you press open, you hear a "whirr", most likely the rubber band which connects a tiny motor to the actual mechanism which opens the tray is broken.

replace that rubber band with one of the same size, or pay someone else more than they deserve to fix it.
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You might try leaving it unplugged overnight. Sometimes 30 seconds is way too short to reset the logic board.
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