Weekend trip in Monterey or Santa Cruz
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The parental units want to organize a long-weekend in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area (but preferably Monterey/Carmel) in the middle of June. Anybody have any ideas of a cool place to stay that would be relatively inexpensive and still available?

The rents were thinking about something like a small house or a villa somewhere. There will be seven adults and a two-year old. We could also do something like two 2-bedroom units. Any ideas would be really appreciated, I have no idea where to start looking. Thanks!
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There are lots of places along the lines of the ones you describe, but my wife and I have stayed at (and liked) Andril cottages. They are within easy walking distance of Asilomar State beach, and about 5 minutes drive from the Aquarium and Monterey itself. They have some bigger cottages that would suit your needs, but they do seem to get booked up pretty early...
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