Can't be rooted?
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A friend bought an Aigo N700 tablet back from China as a gift. It's nice, but because it's not a Google sanctioned device, it lacks Chat and Market and other Google things.

I would like to "root" it but afraid I might "root" it. What are the specifics in doing this to an unsupported device? The Hardware is all pretty stock low end tablet. I was thinking about using something like this...

Has anyone had experience with this particular device? Also it does not seem to recognise any SIM card (AU Vodafone if that makes a difference). Would different firmware possibly alleviate that issue? This is such a new device that google only really reveals reviews.

Lack of Market is the real pain.
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Have a look at the forums on Slatedroid. There are a few mention of Aigo there, but some clever people have managed to root several tablets, and there is a market for apps.
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