What sources would you recommend for me to learn more about Black Nationalism?
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What sources would you recommend for me to learn more about Black Nationalism/Black power movement in the US?

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, I was not exposed to anything regarding black power, Nation of Islam, black nationalism, etc growing up other than a brief history of MLK Jr contrasted with Malcolm X in a history class somewhere along the line. I know a good deal about the MLK side of the civil rights movement, but not much beyond that. I'd like to right this and learn more about this part of American history.

I am interested in a range of sources: biographies, documentaries, histories (academic work is fine, as is more general), original sources. I've read Black Power : The Politics of Liberation. I am especially interested in works that are more comprehensive in their coverage and also update to today.
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Anything written by Peniel Joseph, but especially Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour.
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Soul on Ice
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There are also a gazillion documentaries on the Black Power movement, but I've only seen a few of them. I haven't seen this or this, but the descriptions look good. I don't know if any of these found a distributor, but they also sound good.

This is a fabulous view into an almost totally forgotten corner of the movement, if you can find a copy.
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Elaine Brown - A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story
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I second Elaine Brown. I haven't read any of her works but I love to watch and listen to her speak.

This is the first AskMe post I've done in years; I just really wanted to give you a link to the video. :)
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Not a documentary, but Night Catches Us was excellent.
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When you ask for sources of information about the Black Nationalism and Black Power movements in the U.S., I'll bet you're not expecting a link to an Australian film, made by a white man, starring a white protagonist, but just think of this as a worthwhile little accompaniment to the more comprehensive stuff: Salute, an interesting look at the people and events (and aftermath) surrounding one amazing moment in time.
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