Help me identify this strange purple plant!
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Help me identify this strange purple plant!

I bought this indoor plant at a nursery about a month ago--I was in a rush, so I foolishly assumed that the tag included the name and it didn't. I've googled the description (you can probably guess what most of the search results for "purple plant" were) and called the nursery but they said they'd have to see it (and I don't want to go all the way back there)--I have faith that one of you will be able to ID this!

A couple more details if it the picture wasn't enough: I had it in direct sunlight at some point and it started to get a little sad looking, so I moved it to a darker part of the house and started watering more and it seems to be doing a lot better. I originally wanted to know what it was so I would know how to care for it, and I guess I've done OK but now it's just a matter of curiosity!
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Best answer: Maybe Persian shield? I'm just guessing from the pics in my houseplant book.
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Seconding Persian Shield.
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Care tips.
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Could it be a variety of coleus? Coleus has that leaf coloring.
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