Guns for US Soldiers in WWI
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What sort of guns (by model) were issued to United States soldiers in the first world war? Smaller guns in particular.
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The most famous is probably the Colt .45 model 1911, designed by Mr. Weapon himself, John Browning.
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The Colt model 1911 automatic pistol, and the Colt and Smith & Wesson model 1917 .45 revolvers. The Smithfield model 1917 carbine was the standard-issue rifle.
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In terms of larger guns, The Springfield 1903 rifle.
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Model 1917 carbine was made by Remington, Winchester, and Remington-Eddystone.
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Sorry, right, my mistake: the Smithfield model 1903. Or, technically, the model 1905, with the redesigned bayonet lugs. (The model 1917 was a Garand-style carbine.)

Extra tidbit: the ammunition used in these would have been the 1906-model .30-caliber round, which is still popular as the .30-'06 - if you've ever wondered what "thirty-aught-six" meant, now you know.
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Early on they used the Chauchat. Found the name via the now defunct Weapons of World War One.
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Nicwolff, another typo...No 'Smithfield'! I'm sure you mean Springfield! (Interesting about thirty-aught-six, tho)
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For what it's worth, officers generally got pistols, enlisted soldiers always got rifles/carbines.
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Another common 'small arms' weapon was the Winchester 1897 12-gauge shotgun,
known as a trench or riot gun.
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Oy, yes, Springfield. Thanks, extrabox.
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