Which Movies Are They?
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Movie Titles!!!!

Actually, just wanted to kill two birds in one stone, :P Thank you in advance.

I watched them when I was little, I only vaguely remember some segments (may not be 100% accurate).

Movie A
Color. Watched on TV more than 10 years ago.

The end of the movie: A mother drove her daughter to a park. The mother lied that she'd go and buy a strawberry flavoured ice-cream (?) for her daughter. The daughter waited, waited and waited a long time, but her mother was not coming back. The kid started getting worried and crying. The mother hid and watched her daughter from afar in her car. The mother weeps. (I think the mother was too financially unstable to raise the daughter so she abandoned her?)

Movie B
Color. Watched on VHS probably 10 years ago.

A bunch of midgets were helping our hero to get to a castle in where an evil woman lives. By the time they reached the castle, the evil woman's daughter turned against the mother. Eventually the hero and the daughter ended up in bed together.
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Best answer: My Google-fu suggests that the first one sounds like God Bless The Child.
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Best answer: The second might be Willow.
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Response by poster: Dead on!!!!! Thanks you two. I've been wondering for years.
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Wow; I never would have gotten Willow out of that second one -- I always thought the hero was, you know, Willow :)
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