Salty Liquorice Candy Outside of the Netherlands
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What stores in Paris sell salty liquorice candy? I'm aware of one store (Käramell) that sells the candy by weight, but I'm really looking for a store that sells pre-packaged salty liquorice candy products, such as Venco Topdrop Hard Zout. I've had no luck in any of the chain supermarkets, so have you seen salty liquorice products in any smaller, independent Parisian stores?
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Buy it online (and watch your blood pressure :) )
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I'm pretty sure I saw the strong salty licorice at G. Detou.
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If you want to buy online, Try these folks - I have been buying licorice from these folks for years:
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Best answer: There was a boutique called Kiva in the 15th arrondissement that sold packages of Finnish "salmiakki", but unfortunately it's now closed. Other sources say you can find packaged salty licorice in the food section at Ikea, which has four stores in the Parisian suburbs. However, according to this blog (in French), these candies are not legal for sale in France because of their high ammonium chloride content. Sounds like online is the way to go, but if you want to hunt some more, the search term in French would be réglisse salée.
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Response by poster: I tried G. Detou, but they didn't have what I was looking for. I'm taken aback that you simply cannot find packaged salty licorice candy in a European city as large as Paris, but thank you for all your answers nonetheless. I'll just have to visit the Netherlands or order online as some of you have suggested.
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Best answer: In Luxembourg, hypermarché Auchan carries little tubs of RedBand licorice. They're only mildly salty, definitely nowhere near DubbelZout.

The Dutch department store HEMA has opened a few stores around Paris, one in Créteuil and one near Les Halles. (118 Rue Rambuteau, says Google Maps.) It'd be worth checking there.

I recently found this discussion [in Dutch] where someone asks advice about opening a Dutch store in Paris, and most of the respondents torpedo the idea, proposing their various favorite online sources for Dutch stuff--so you can harvest links for web stores from there.
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