Chamorro Translation?!
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Welcome to Guam! Would anyone out there know how to say "Welcome to Guam" in Chamorro? My Google-fu has failed me, yet has lead to an interesting education on the history of Guam. I basically work on a ship and compile printed information on each port we visit. In a "good idea at the time" moment, I started using the local phrase for "welcome to..." as the header. It's been interesting as we travel around the world, but Guam has stumped me! Any ideas?
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Chamorro Language blog says hello is "Hafa Adai" and welcome is "Bienbenidu". Also at Omniglot.

At least according to this blog, Hafa Adai is sort of like "Aloha". Also here on the Guam government site (beneath the lei-bedecked maiden) "Hafa Adai - Welcome with Plumeria Lei".

Disclaimer: I am not from Guam.
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Go to this Wikipedia link

and look at the first picture. There's your answer.
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Best answer: Maila Halom is welcome
Guahan is Guam

"Maila Halom a Guahan" is probably close.

Hafa Adai is more like "hi" or "Aloha".
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(However, in almost a year on Guam, I saw/heard hafa adai everywhere. I saw maila halom on a grocery store sign and a kids' menu. Hafa adai is way more common usage.)
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Response by poster: Many thanks, I should have mentioned that I had turned up Hafa Adai as a general greeting but was looking for the complete phrase. I'll go with "Maila Halom a Guahan" for my standard heading, and refer to Hafa Adai as a general greeting in the text. They even put "Hafa Adai!" on the customs & immigration form.
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