Credit Unions in Northern Virginia
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Banks are bad! I need to escape from all their predatory policies and fees. So, I am looking for a good credit union in Northern Virginia. Any recommendations?

I'd like one that has a good web presence, secure passwords (6 alphanumeric characters just isnt doing it for me), and a solid online bill payment service. I'd also like a nice safety deposit box, but I don't know if credit unions do that...
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Apple Federal Credit Union. My mom's used them for 20+ years, and loves them. (I use them too, but I live in San Francisco and do my main banking elsewhere for convenience.) Their web presence is what it is (pretty good for a credit union, I guess). I dunno about the passwords. They have safe deposit boxes.
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Do you work for the Navy, or have a family member that does? Navy Federal Credit Union has always been pretty good to me. I pay almost all of my bills online with them, but I don't know about safety deposit boxen.

I think some employers (all of mine, anyway), offered membership into some CU or another. If you have a desk job, maybe it's worth asking an HR person?
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Can I pile on this question, or is that bad ask.mefi form?

For a long time I've wanted to join a credit union, but I've never worked for the right company or belonged to the right organization to qualify.

Are there any "national" or "regional" credit unions that allow joe or jane shmoes to join without any special affiliations? I'm in NJ, if that's useful.

The height of irony is that I work for a bank, and I don't use them for anything other than occasionally going downstairs to the branch and cashing my paycheck. They only allow direct deposits to an account with the bank, and their service and fees are teh suk.
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de void, a lot of credit unions are now regionally-based, even if they previously only allowed members from certain groups. Use the Credit Union Locator to find some in your area and check out their membership requirements on their web pages.
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Clearview FCU used to be the US Airways FCU, but they've severed their ties with the airline of late while maintaining their branches. They have an office in Crystal City. Great service, great rates, great product offerings. Caveat: I'm not sure what their long term plans are for the branches or membership requirements for the branches during this transition period from being employment-based to community-based. But they are definitely worth looking into if their location is convenient.
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