A better tool that pgAdmin?
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What's a good, free database designing/administrating tool which works with postgresql? I've been using pgAdmin III, and while that does the basics, it doesn't have useful features like a buffer of previous queries and their results.

I want something similar to pgAdmin but with more convenience features. The ability to save queries in a buffer so that they can be edited and re-run is key.

I'm more concerned with a flexible way to design the database (create schema and experiment, and edit procedures and views) than with administration or data manipulation.

Your recommendations?
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Maybe DB Manager Pro would help. I've been using their free version against a MySQL database for writing queries and exporting database definitions. They also have a visual designer utility that looks useful, but costs extra.
posted by hoppytoad at 9:20 AM on April 26, 2005

What platform?
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jpburns writes "What platform?"

Win2K, running cygwin. I can compile stuff with gcc if necessary, or the MS command-line compile if really, really, really necessary.
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(Sorry... I was going to suggest CocoaMySQL, a great tool for Mac OSX...)
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(oops... then I finally read your post properly, and see you were asking about postgresql...)

Nevermind... I got nothing...
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