wouldn’t it be great if facebook had actual support?
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I have a question about dealing with a Facebook page for an organization vs. a page for a person. Specifically, an issue with inviting people to events.

Hello, all.

I have a Facebook page for myself, but I’m also the administrator for my child’s school’s page.

When I’m on the school page and I create a new event, I want to invite folks to attend. But when I follow the link to do so, I only see my personal friends from my personal page. How can I invite the folks who have “liked” the school’s page?

I do know how to use Facebook as the school – that is, the setting under “accounts” which will make me post as the school rather than myself. But under this circumstance, when I create a new event it’s not even giving me the option to select guests.

So it seems that when I create events they merely post to the school’s wall, but aren’t sort of pushed to the school’s fans as an invite.

To look at this another way: on my personal page I have “liked” a certain yoga studio. Their events are always visible to me in the upper right corner of my page, with a prompt as to whether or not I am attending. The school’s events never come to my page like this.

Who can halp?
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I'm not 100% sure about this, but if you're logged into Faecbook on a fan page that you administer there should be a link on the right that says "Use Facebook as [the fan page]". (Or you should have if you've got the new layout.)

When I tried it just now it listed all the people who Like my page and I don't have access to my personal address book.
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I do know what you're saying, and yes I've tried that. But it doesn't help in terms of setting up the event and attaching people to the event.
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As far as I know (and this stuff is my job) you are correct - when you want to invite people to an event, it selects from your personal friends list and not the fans of the page. There are two things you can do: the invite feature does allow you to import email addresses, so if you have the email addresses you can do it that way. Or, you can send an update to your fans with a link to the event. Updates are tricky though because most people don't know to look for them.

As for your yoga studio, either they have your email address and used the import feature, or they are actually a profile and not a business page and you are "friends" with them. (Or, perhaps you are friends with the person that administers the page.)

Here's an article about it.
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No, this is a really annoying limitation of FB. The recommended solution for small organizations is to create both a Facebook page and and Facebook group, and then use the group for event invites. The challenge of course is convincing your fans to join both.
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