Who could be against clean water?
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Homework Filter alert! We need at least two sources which are against government regulation of water. Pro regulation sources we can find, Con sources have escaped us for the past week.

My daughter is writing a paper stating the pros and cons of the following statement: "The government should regulate all clean water".
She is to cite at least two sources which are pro and two which are against. We have searched for the past 4 days and can't find sources which are against the statement.

What kinds of organizations should we search for? Where to start?
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Lots of people are against it,

Google: clean water act opposition
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Does she have access to any research databases via her school or your local library? Gale's Opposing Viewpoints or Opposing Viewpoints in Context databases are specifically designed for this kind of pro-and-con assignment, and the librarians may know of other similar sources.
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Well, there's this effort in the Wisconsin legislature to not require municipalities to treat water. There aren't any anti-regulation groups mentioned (other than 2 GOP congressmen) but it might be a starting point for you.
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Here's another one about a Tea Party group protesting clean water regulations.
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There have been several battles in small towns in Maine about the right of municipalities to regulate local water extraction. Water use regulations have been consistently opposed by Nestle (which owns Poland Spring).

I don't have a good link off the top of my head for Nestle's arguments, but they may qualify.
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Many libertarian groups oppose regulation.
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The Story (on NPR) has been doing occasional reporting on water issues in the U.S. You might find something there.
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Farm Fisheries or something like that might be another option. Many fish farms run into problems with the Clean Water Act.
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You can also take on the issue by considering whether the state should add fluoride to the water or not. If you did that, you would have many sources on both sides of the argument going back decades.
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Or just search on 'flouride in the water' if you want a firehose of crazy.
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Thank you all. Her paper was done before the last few answers came in but they are appreciated nonetheless. It was as simple as searching for "opposition", shoulda known that. The school does have Gales but the students aren't allowed to use it. Thanks again.
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