How to extract multiple clips from an audio file
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Simple, free, OSX tool for extracting audio clips from longer MP3s?

I'm putting together a clip-show from my existing archive of podcast episodes. Is there a free tool that will let me highlight a segment of audio and save it as a new separate audio file? MP3 input to MP3 or WAV output would be ideal but I can always convert audio formats if needed.

I may extract 5-10 short clips from a 30 minute show so using garageband would be cumbersome (deleting all but the desired clip, exporting, reopening episode file...).

Seems like something that should exist but google is failing me. Thanks for your help!
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Came to say the same as lantius. Audacity will do what you want.
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Quicktime Pro is not free but is a very useful tool to have for this kind of thing.
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Doh, I had it on my computer but didn't even think of it... arghs...

Thanks! Works like a charm!
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Did anyone mention Audacity? That.
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I guess Audacity will re-encode your clips, so they will lose quality in the end. If you are at all worried about it, you could use pcutmp3, a command-line program that cuts the mp3 without re-encoding it.



Help / usage:

It works fine most of the time! Some problematic mp3 (badly tagged to start with) end up with a file that is non-searchable (is that the correct term? --- meaning you cannot go forward or rewind the mp3) in some players. Using mp3packer after that solves it, PM if you want me to send some examples on how to do it. Note mp3packer can take a long time (hours) to run on long mp3 files (~30 min long).
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