Space Saving Nursery Ideas!
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Blogs featuring tiny baby nursery spaces for design inspiration as well as space saving baby stuff ideas?

New York, as you know, is prohibitively expensive and instead of upgrading from our beautiful, safe, comfy 550 square foot one bedroom immediately, we're going to stay in our apartment until the baby (who is baking right now) is about 9 months old.

We have a nook that will be his 'area.' There's just enough room for a crib, maybe a pack n play.

Nursery blogs seem to be directed towards individuals with much more space/square footage than we have, but we're creatives and want to kid up our baby's area and make the most of it!

Know of any blogs that feature tiny spaces for tots? Ones that talk about purchases optimized for small spaces are a plus. Thanks!
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ohdeedoh is exactly this.
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You might want to consider not getting a crib or pack n play and just put some kind of clothing storage and changing table in his nook. You can co-sleep (which IMO is so much easier on everybody, especially if you breastfeed) or just get a Moses basket or bassinet to put next to the bed for the first few months.

Parent of a 12-week old who has never, not once, slept in his crib or pack n play
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9 months?

I'd just cosleep and/or have a pack and play in your bedroom.
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Blogger Jordan Ferney turned a closet in her tiny one bedroom apartment into her baby's nursery/bedroom and even added a crib when they had a second kid - detailed here, here, and here. Pretty awesome, I think.
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Offbeat Mama has featured several closet conversions for babies. Some so cute they make me sort-of want to store my baby in a closet even though we have a nursery. :)
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The closet conversions are cool, but if you're thinking of putting your baby in a small space like that please consider using a fan to help with air circulation.
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Response by poster: the closet conversions are awesome but we don't have an extra closet, only a tiny little nook. :) thanks for all the stuff so far, though!
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Well, closet/nook, I'm not sure what all of them were. I know that I looked at some of the closet ones and thought how cool they'd be in my nook. (I have this weird nook because of the weird roofline of my house. Only right now it's where I store my shoes, not my babies.) A lot of the ideas will translate.
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Honestly, I think you might end up kicking yourself for buying a crib, certainly for buying a playpen. (Of possible interest -- safe cosleeping guidelines and more)

The greatest piece of baby/kid furniture here is Ikea's Expedit -- we have the largest, perhaps you want a smaller one -- get everything put away, vertically! All sorts of wicker/plastic/fabric boxes fit into the cubbies so you can hide the less aesthetically appealing/less frequently accessed stuff.
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Also, instead of a changing table, you can get a dresser to store everything in, and then put a changing pad on top of it. That might really be all you need at first. Diapers, wipes, clothing, and all your other baby stuff can go into the dresser.
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