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I am buying a used Kurzweil K2000R. It is in need of an OS upgrade, and possibly some RAM and other storage will be needed. Is installing the new OS EPROMs myself an achievable task or should I bring the unit to the local Kurzweil repair place?

I used to have an Akai S2000 and I handled a RAM upgrade on that just fine, and I've tinkered inside my computers plenty of times, but I haven't dealt with a chip puller or anything like that in the 8 years since I was in college.
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The K2000R from the early 90s?

I would go ahead and check with an authorized Kurz place, but I have a hunch any upgrade or update on something that old would be a DIY affair as a rule.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's the one. The Kurzweil site says you can still order the chips for $99 MSRP which sounds super high.
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I have nothing to offer other than I bet you could buy a used k2000r with the most recent OS for around the price of that chip, so why not just find a different one for sale?
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Response by poster: No, a used K2000R like the one I just bought is probably going to cost at least $200. Looks like I can get an OS upgrade for $40 on eBay along with a chip puller, so there we have it.
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