Reminds Me Of Our First Anniversary...
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Where can I take my wife for a frugal anniversary dinner, south of Seattle?

It's our 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday. I'm unemployed, and we have less money than we had on our first anniversary! I want to take my beloved to dinner somewhere nicer than McDonald's, somewhere we can get out for $30-$50, including tip. We like "American" food (steaks, seafoods) or Italian. We live in Federal Way, so Auburn, Kent, Tacoma, Tukwila, Renton are all viable options.

Thanks, MeFites!
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Congrats on your anniversary!

How about an evening out in Columbia City, in SE Seattle? Maybe get dinner and a beer at the ale house, then see a movie at the cinema, and go out for ice cream afterward--all right in the same cute, walkable, historic business district--and I'll bet you could squeeze all of it in for under $50.
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This might be the top end of your budget, but Over the Moon in Tacoma would be a great choice for an anniversary dinner.
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How about some Burien options?

Elliott Bay Brewery Great food AND great beer.

The Mark Wonderful nachos.

The Tin Room and then take your drinks to The Tin Theater

There's a bunch of good Italian restaurants too, but I can't think of their names at the moment. Also, lots of FREE parking.
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Happy anniversary! I think you could certainly do dinner for $50 at Europa Bistro in Tacoma if you stick with the pasta side of the menu and each have a single glass of wine (you might even be able to split an appetizer or dessert).
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There is a really good deal in Seattle right now, Dine Around Seattle, You can go to lunch at some of the restaurants, three courses for $15 each. There are really great places to choose from. The Barking Frog in Woodinville has free parking. Or you could take a bus to Seattle and dine at some of the other places. You can use the online reservation system to see what is available this Sunday (or better bet, wait til Monday when places are less busy) You can go to dinner too, but that is $30 per person, not including tax and tip. I went to Earth and Ocean today and had an amazing lunch for $15.
Just read that you like American food,, has an amazing happy hour menu, you will be full, happy and well fed! I think they are on the Dine Around deal too.
And Happy Happy Anniversary!
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