How does my health fit with the rest of the population?
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Are there any websites/services out there where I can enter health/medical data about myself (height, weight, short medical history, etc) and statistical information from the general population would come up? (ie 30% of the people with your BMI and ethnicity have XYZ disease)
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Not quite what you want but you can check out your longevity, given your habits, BMI etc. at
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I do not know of any site like what you describe and I cannot imagine any way it could be worth the legal troubles. The real liability is probably low or could be made low, but just the hassle of fighting off spurious suits all the time would probably be unsupportable.
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The closest thing I know of is genetic profiles. I had one done through 23 and Me and it tells me that my risk for a disease is x% and the risk in the general population is y%. But it's a far-from-free service.
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