Buttoned down in Toronto
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Where can I make a handful of custom buttons to give as party favors, in downtown Toronto? Most print shops want to sell me hundreds; I need 5-10.
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When did you need this by? I have a machine, but it's currently on loan. And it only makes 1" buttons, so if you wanted larger, then I'm not your girl. Magnet option available too. Mail me for details.

Your other recourse is to go post on craigslist or find local etsy button makers. Or if you're brave: Anime North Forum: Artists. You could probably post a request there. Lots of those guys have button machines in various flavours (though most common is the 1").
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Also: if you only need 1 design, Artik isn't expensive at all. I know it's 100 buttons, but you'd probably be paying almost the same amount for 10 from someone smaller. Most people sell buttons (of their own design) for $2-$3. I can't imagine they'd charge less.
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Maybe CafePress? You can set up a basic shop for free. Although it's mainly used for selling items to other people, you could open a shop just to buy the items yourself.
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If the workroom doesn't have a button-making machine, perhaps they might know who might?
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I've got a 1" button machine. MeMail me if you're interested in having me make a them.
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Personally I'd try the local etsy makers, but you can print up buttons on Zazzle. It'll be more expensive in small batches.
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Craft stores have button blanks that are a clear plastic back with the pin and a clear plastic cover that snaps over it (like a watch face). You can buy single pieces. They come in a variety of sizes from about 1.5" up. Very inexpensive. Then you print your design from your computer, cut it to size, sandwich it between the two pieces and you are done. For example.
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Dug through old emails for button junk and here's something promising:
Black Market will do 'em for $1 per with a $15 setup.

I used to get them done by some woman in Ottawa at ridiculously cheap prices ($0.30 per) but that was years ago and her site is defunct now.
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