Can you identify this set of marks/bites?
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Can you identify this set of marks/bites?

About two days ago, I noticed these marks on my bikini line, first on one side and now, today, on the other. The new ones look like this. The older ones (after some scratching) look like this.

I have noticed them at the end of the day wearing two different pairs of underwear, and two different pairs of pants. The washing powder I am using is relatively new, and so is the washing line and house.I haven't been swimming (beach) since Sunday.

I can't figure out if it's some kind of heat rash, an allergic reaction (washing powder?) or if bugs are biting me. You will notice that there appears to be a dot at the center of each red mark (skin pore or bite mark?). It itches a lot, especially when I'm hot.
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I'm no doctor, but from experiences with my own skin, it looks and sounds a lot like contact dermatitis, which basically means rash caused by contact with something.
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Hit post too soon. A few days of topical hydrocortisone usually clears it up for me.
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Looks like a heat rash, which also makes sense given its location and that it itches most when you're hot. Try to keep the area clean, cool and dry. Use hydrocortisone for the itch. Try wearing a different cut of underwear than usual to avoid having the same area of skin right under the elastic. If you're still getting it, especially in places where your skin rubs against clothes or itself, try diaper rash cream. (Heat rash is basically diaper rash for the non-diaper-wearing set.)
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