Extracting pages from a MS Word Document
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I want to do the opposite of this. I want to make many documents from one document in Microsoft Word.

I have a 50 page Word file that I need to extract a few pages from the main file into their own file(s). Is there a way Word can do this so I don't have to copy and paste the headers, footers, etc. for each page? Sort of like Adobe Acrobat's Extract Pages function, but for Word.
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Save-as, and then delete the stuff you don't need?
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Speaking of Acrobat: there are some virtual printer drivers which create PDF files with the output. If you instruct Word to print specific pages, and choose the PDF printer, it should create a PDF file with only the pages you want. Alternately, convert the whole thing to PDF and extract the pages using the feature you mentioned. You can then use a PDF to DOC converter, tho there might be some loss of formatting. None of these are particularly elegant solutions, but they're the best I can come up with.
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Save As is indeed the best and simplest answer.

If you save main file A as files X, Y, and Z, you will have four instances of the main file. (Save As does not change the name of the file you are editing, it saves a copy of the current file under a new name.) Then open, edit, and save X, Y, and Z separately. File A will remain unchanged, and this will preserve the original headers and footers in the three copies.
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Does this help?
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