What can I do with dry-cured pork tenderloin?
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What to do with a 1.5 lbs piece of lomo embuchado?

My brother brought me a hunk of dry-cured pork tenderloin called lomo embuchado from Madrid. It looks interesting, but I'm not really sure what to do with it. I don't have access to a meat slicer, so finely sliced pieces of it on bread is out. I could just eat it as-is, tapas-style, but that seems rather dull. Are there any dishes I could incorporate this into?
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Call a butcher and see if they'll slice it for you.
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If you put it in the freezer for 30 min, you can slice it real thin with a sharp knife. I would put it on salad. Wrap it around dates filled with a soft strong cheese. Make it into a bruschetta with pesto. Use it in a rice stuffing for for tomatoes, mushrooms or bell peppers. Think of it as a salting ingredient for something you could realistically skip the salt on.
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Slice it thin with a knife and eat it. If your brother knew what he was doing then what you have there is a work of genius and it would be a crime to adulterate it in any way. The Spanish are brilliant at cured pork. Just slice it and eat it and judge for yourself whether it's "rather dull". What I would do is make 20-30 thin slices and eat it alongside some good olives and a Spanish red wine.
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