Butt Massage Needed Immediately
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The recent Paula Deen thread alerted me to the existence of an actual Paula Deen Butt Massage. I must attend a friend's birthday on Friday. Is there anywhere in a 10-mile radius of Atlanta that sells it so I can buy it after work today?
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Try The Fresh Market. I recall seeing Food Network products in the one in Columbus, OH.
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More and more Paula Deen products (both non-perishable cookware and foodstuffs) have crept into our local WalMart. I checked online and it does not seem they list the grocery-type items. While I have never noticed her "Butt Massage" on the shelves I can personally attest to the awesomeness of some of her products found in the bakery section. I'd try a call to your local Walmart to see if they carry it there!
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This is probably both better named, better tasting and less commercial: http://www.buttrub.com/
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I see this at Marshalls/TJ Maxx all the time.
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