Online scheduling tools for job interviews?
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(Best) online scheduling tool to allow candidates to select a time slot for phone screens/interviews?

I have to conduct a bunch of phone screens to hire a new analyst for my team. Things are super-busy (we really, really need this new hire!) so I need an efficient process.

I'd like to be able to email each of the candidates who passed the resume screen and say something like, "we'd love to talk to you, please go to [] and select a 30 minute time slot."

That way I avoid playing phone tag or email back-and-forth to identify the 30 minutes that are mutually available, while simultaneously doing this with a bunch of other candidates.

Other requirements:
- Candidates can't be able to change -- or even see -- other people's time slots, except to know what's available or blocked.
- Free would be good.

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I'd use Doodle.

Use their 'Make a Choice' thing, and hit 'Options' at the end of your wizard to enter your criteria.

Here's a quick example I made:
Signup Sheet (User View)
Signup Sheet (Admin View)
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seconding Doodle.
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I used Jiffle for something much like this (scheduling a whole bunch of brief meetings with different individuals) until it suddenly stopped working for me. It was great for the first couple of months. (I did get a quick response from the company when I e-mailed them for help, but they couldn't figure out the problem either.)

I'm now using Tungle which is nice in that it gives the user (in your case, the interviewees) the option of suggesting more than one possible time slot, which you (the interviewer) can select from.

Both of these integrate with Google Calendar (and maybe others?), which is nice if you're trying to schedule meetings around existing commitments.
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Thanks, guys!

Doodle is working for me -- with the selection of the following options:
* Hidden poll (only you see all the answers)
* Participant can only choose one suggestion
* Limit the number of participants per suggestion to 1

It's made this painful process waaaaay easier. And totally worth the $29/year to allow respondents to include their phone #.
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