Cute single buttons seek jacket for LTR!
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I have three cute vintage buttons with no jacket to call their own. I do not want to make a button bouquet or button jewelry - I want to show them off on a jacket. What is the best way to go about getting a jacket custom-made to suit them?

I have these unusual, pretty vintage buttons just sitting around (I'd link to a pic but my photobucket is balking).

I read a previous question called "Help me push my buttons" but the solutions offered were all crafty. I don't want to make button jewelry or button bouquets or any kind of crafts. I want my buttons to be put to practical use in a jacket. I'm thinking linen or lightweight wool in off-white or beige, so the buttons stand out like accessories.

What is your experience in having a jacket custom-made? I know I would track down a good tailor, then consult about what they can do, what materials would work and how much I need. Then I could go out and buy the wool and lining myself. Can anyone share their experiences, give some advice I haven't thought of, and/or give me the name of a great tailor/sewing person in the San Francisco Bay Area? I know this will cost but I figure a well-made, classic jacket will last me a long time.
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Have you thought about maybe finding an already existing jacket and replacing the buttons with the vintage ones? Maybe find a unique vintage jacket and any tailor would be able to swap out the buttons with ease and take in the jacket to fit your body (if needed).
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Is there a reason you don't want to find a good jacket you like and replace the buttons with your vintage buttons? I'm sure you can find a linen or lightweight wool high-quality jacket in off-white or beige if you look around, and you can get it tailored to fit you without having to start from the ground up. Then add the vintage buttons.

If this isn't an option for whatever reason, as has become the custom I will recommend etsy -- find someone on there making stuff similar to what you like and contact them for your custom-made item.
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I have thought about finding an existing jacket to sew the buttons onto. I don't have any really good jackets in light-colored fabrics (that's changing as I build up my wardrobe). I'm definitely willing to look for an existing jacket, but I don't want to spend hours and hours combing through stores in hopes of finding "Mr. Jacket Right." The buttons are on the large side - 1-3/4 inches across.
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I think this jacket in crema would showcase them really well.

Making a jacket from scratch is going to be very expensive. I think you'd be better off telling us what shapes/sizes/fabrics you like and then letting us help you search!
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I'm a size eight petite, short-waisted but average in every other way. I like light to medium weight wool, linen, or even silk if it's not a dressy silk. The colors I want are off-white through light brown. Tweed or subtle pattern is fine. Finally, it has to be all-season - nothing that screams "summer!" for instance.

Thanks, everyone for your help! Keep the ideas coming!
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I think it's going to be more difficult to have a jacket designed -- but modcloth is having a pretty excellent sale and has some things that might be close to what you're thinking. (not on sale)

Disclaimer - I've never bought anything from modcloth and just happened to be browsing the sale.

Also you might think about adding the buttons to one side of a blazer with wide lapels. Not in a cluster or a flower but just buttons in a line.
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You should contact a sewing and design professional in your area who can give you an idea of the cost. It will be much more expensive than buying a RTW jacket.

maybe something like this sweater jacket? from QVC (probably poly)

another option.

I'd love to see the buttons. (are they funky, sweet, outrageous, colorful, brass?)
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Here's a link to a picture of the buttons:
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How about putting them on a hat, or making a cozy button-able scarf?
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