Choosing Glues
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I would like an online resource that recommends the correct glue to use, given the two materials you would like to attach...

I remember seeing something years ago that had two pull-down menus--from each you could pick a type of material (stone, wood, aluminum, plastic, pvc, leather, etc. etc.) and after doing this, it would calculate the type of glue to use.

For example: I could select "paper" in the first box, and "wood" in the second, and it would tell me to use "wood glue" after I submitted it.

I've googled every way I know how, and I can't find it... does anyone know of something similar?
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well, what are you trying to attach?

Or do you just find yourself guing things often enough to need a resource?
posted by Jon-o at 3:56 PM on April 25, 2005

Second link for google "what glue"
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Actually, it's the first link for "glue". Not that I'm questioning your Googling, but...
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This to That
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Hey - That's what I said.
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Didn't doubt you, seanyboy, I just knew it off the top of my head. I like to glue things.
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I swear to you that I googled my ass off. I was holding it too tight... my queries were too specific.

First return for "glue"... fuck. I'm going outside.
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As an adhesives geek, I give thistothat high marks.

They keep it simple enough that you don't get confused, but recommend some good stuff.

There are a couple gaps, and places where more detail would be useful, but overall it's good advice.
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I will one-up Jack Karoake on the adhesives geekness: I sell glue and double-sided tape for a living.

As a shameless company promotion (and because my buddy designed the site), try here.
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Heh, I found when I googled "that" and was surprised to find "that" is not on google's list of stop words (words they don't search, like "the") -- it's the 3rd result, after Web Pages that Suck and Slashdot.
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I quit the internet.
posted by cadastral at 7:31 PM on April 25, 2005

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