Not shoes made out of giraffes, no.
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How do I make the perfect giraffe shoes?

I just saw these shoes. I'm not sure I can live without them. Granted, there in little kid size, and in some foreign country, but I really really want them. In my size, and on my feet. I like the pattern, the cute little zipper, and the soles. Everything.

I saw the customize feature on the Converse website, but nothing about making those awesome soles, and I kind of think they sell the shoes.

Is this a lost cause? Any creative ideas? They don't have to be Chucks exactly. Just something equally awesome and giraffe-tastic.
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Response by poster: *they're* (See what a rush I'm in?)
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Best answer: You can get a pair of plain white ones and paint them yourself using fabric paint. Jacquard is a good brand. And you can always make a stencil with freezer paper if you don't think you could eyeball the spots just right.
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OK. About 20 years ago I bought real converse giraffe shoes. They exist. You could look around. What size are your feet??
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Mine were high top but I do see there are low top giraffes avail now.
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Best answer: There's also zazzle but no, I don't think you can customize the soles there either.
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Response by poster: I am size 8 women's US.
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Best answer: If you go the DIY route, what phunniemee said but I'd start with yellow chucks and paint on the brown spots.
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Response by poster: Love it. Fabric paint, eh? I'll take a look at Michael's.
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Best answer: You can buy unprimed canvas chucks made for painting on at art supply stores like this they may take the paint better than ones that are meant to be finished.
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