Worcester + Food Truck = Hot Dogs?
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Worcester, MA + Food Trucks?

Does Worcester, Massachusetts have food trucks beyond hot dogs and ice cream? My google searches have been non-encouraging but I feel like there has to be something out there.

I'm basically looking for any sort of truck that sells lunch food. One of my co-workers vaguely remembers a truck that came to her old job (7+ years ago)that sold sandwiches and salads but has no idea if it still exists. Do any of you know of one?

Thank you in advance :)
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Best answer: Well, there is a truck in front of the Dive Bar that sells sausages and similar things, but it's a late-night only kind of deal. I haven't seen any lunch trucks in the woo.
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Best answer: Worcester effectively banned food trucks in 2008 with an asinine ordinance designed to 'protect' brick and mortar restaurants. There may be a few canteen style trucks still around, but they typically go to construction sites or other places with large employee pools and no area competition.

Blame Phill
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