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I am looking for recommendations for a relevant short story to read to children on Take Your Child to Work day. Our activity theme is "mapping your future."

My workplace plans activities for TYCTWD based on the national theme and also usually incorporates environmental awareness. For the children the day consista of several guided activities. I am doing an activity where children will produce a "map" of how they see their future. Some examples of what they may express on their maps are where they see themselves living (city, a farm, the jungle, space station...), what they will be doing, places they will visit, how they will care for the environment, etc.

As an introduction to the activity I would like to read a short story that shares the theme of envisioning one's future. The kids will range in age from 5-11 split into 3 groups (5/6 yr olds, 7/8, 9-11). Please recommend me some stories! Thanks!
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The absolute classic of the genre: Oh the Places You'll Go
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Some ideas based on my work as a school library paraprofessional- I can't write out all my thoughts but I would also suggest finding a children's librarian at the public branch- they usually love to help with a project like this.

Roxaboxen by Alice Mclerran- this a book about an imaginary town that children build in a vacant lot.

How to Build Your Own Country by Valerie Wyatt- book that examines how to build a country.

Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney- technical book for kids about building maps.

Books about Self Determination (in a broad sense) books that I turn to to inspire young children in following their dreams):
Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers Mordicai Gerstein

And more of an enviromental bent:

Common Ground by Molly Bang

If The World Were a Village by David Smith (though this might be too much data for a read-aloud)

One Well: The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strauss
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