Children's book(?), blue beach-ball, gray-haired woman on the cover. And oh! poor damzels!
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I think it's a children's book. Hardcover, pretty thick, must have been about 300 pages. The cover is white, has a gray-haired woman who is as fat as a beach ball. A blue beach ball.

I don't remember what the heck the book is about, BUT I know that I really, really loved it and read it several times as a young child.

There was a song/poem about 12 damzels (or 7? I don't know!). In each verse, something happened to a damzel, until there was none left.

I read this book in Portuguese, though it might be first published in a different language.

I'm 23 years old, but there's a 13 year age gap between my book-loving sister and I.
I'm not sure what date it could have been published. We had many books that were published as early as the 50's, so...

I really want to read this book again! Help me find it!
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You could ask "Stump the bookseller" at Loganberry Books?
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