It's got a beat but you can't dance to it
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I need more music like the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

There is something near-mystical about the state my brain shifts into when I put headphones on and start listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. This is the music of Getting Stuff Done, my friends. Something about it is just the perfect level of intense-but-not-distracting, and it has fueled productivity the likes of which I cannot even describe to you.

Help me find more music that will put my brain into this "OK, it's time to work now" state.
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Start here.
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Doh! This is what I get for thinking, "Just this once, I bet nobody's asked that question before." Sorry!
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Digging through the crates, I've been listening to a lot of Bola lately. He did a lot of work in a similar vein to the TRON soundtrack for Skam Records back in the late 90s, early 00s.

I would start with Soup and work from there, if you like it:

• Forcasa 3

Here's a track from Mauver that is also in that same feel:


In fact, DP seemed to touch on most of the early Skam discography.
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Maybe you'd like the Kronos Quartet's Philip Glass album.
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Hmm, Tron:Legacy kind of reminds me of Jean-Michel Jarre's album Oxygene
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