Belt piracy.
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I want to make this belt. Help?

There is no way I'm paying $350 on a belt that I could make myself for about $10. Also, fun project!

I can dye 2" elastic in the color I want, and I've picked the crossgrain ribbon that goes on the ends of the belt. Making tulle flowers doesn't look too complicated. A couple of questions though:

1. Where (in Seattle) can I get the snap buttons attached? A while ago I had a cobbler put some grommets in a backpack so I could tie a sleeping bag to it, but that was in a different country. Would I have to go to a tailor to have that done here?

2. Would it look all right on this dress (I don't like the bling or the stark contrast of the removable belt, and I think that a "softer" alternative would be lovely)? What colors would be the most appropriate if I plan to wear it with nude sandals?
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Response by poster: The shoes are taupe, not nude.
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Does it have to have a snap closure? Plain elastic belts aren't too hard to find (thrift stores often have them), and you could place the flower to hide the buckle. Sew-on snap tape is another option.

I really like the black belt with the dress, so I'm no help there. Maybe a gunmetal gray for a softer look?
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Do you have a sewing machine? If you get snap tape (that was just the first hit I found, it comes in other sizes and whatnot) you can dye it to match your dyed elastic, and just sew it on the ends.

I think it would go well with that dress. The dress and shoes are both pretty much neutral colors -- I actually really like the black, or a navy or something, but if you don't like the contrast I can't really think of a (non-super-matchy) color that wouldn't work.
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Taupe or cream for the belt would work nicely with the rose colored dress
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I think I would probably go the cheap and easy route of buying a belt and attaching the flower, but if you're all set to dye, go for it! If you're open to a different type of closure, I recommend going to a fabric store and checking out the options. You should be able to find at least one simple buckle that will fit the 2" elastic without detracting from simplicity of the single flower. If you have any sewing resources (even just needle and thread), you can probably do it for much cheaper than a cobbler.

As for colors, I think a grey would be lovely. I would avoid another pastel because it wouldn't really mesh with the slight edge the dress has (I love the exposed back zipper). You can also go with a contrasting flower, but that could get a bit busy. While I was making tulle flowers, I would probably make a couple with pin backs so I could switch them out on the belt or as pins on coats, scarves, etc.
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Response by poster: I'm only 5' tall (dress has to be hemmed), and I feel that a dark belt right in the middle is not the best look for me.
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I think light grey would be a good choice for the belt color.
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Light grey could be awesome, I agree with grapsaresour.
I'm also an advocate for a dark mauve/dusty maroonish color for the belt, with a soft gold for the flower like this. The red in the belt will give your good contrast, but it won't be too stark, like the black
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Response by poster: Ha, looking for a gray elastic belt brought me to another (perfect) $202 Lanvin belt. o_O
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A tailor could put on snaps easy or I would get some Dritz snaps from Joanns in Ballard. I'm pretty sure they come in black.
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I would probably just use hook-and-eye tape or velcro as the connection. If you're set on snaps, they shouldn't be in the elastic itself, but on a separate piece of non-stretch something-or-other.
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I'm coming back in to link to this belt from J Crew that is under $50. I ran across it while shopping for something completely different.

It's definitely got more going on and that might not be what you want, but it does have that deconstructed feel and comes in taupe/beige.
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